How to Teach Your Child

The Building Blocks – Set up for Success

Patrece Welcome to Building Blocks of Learning 

Building Blocks 2 – Reinforcement

Building Blocks 1 Intro – Get Ready

Building Block Enviro Prep

Building Block – Errorless Learning – Focus on Success

How To – Teaching Examples

Using positive reinforcement 

Improving communication skills

How to work with challenging behavior


Expert Advice – Answers to Questions 

Positive Reinforcement – Dr. Joe discusses the importance of postive reinforcement.

Developmental Milestones – Dr. Kelley describe growth stages

 7 Tips for Toddler Discipline – Advice for dealing with toddlers

Healthy Parenting Skills – Learn the basics for all situations

Tips for Raising Toddlers – Advice for the raising healthy toddlers

Communication – Understand how toddlers learn to listen and communicate

Healthy Parenting Skills – Learn the basics for all situations

Speech Therapy – Learn about speech and occupational therapy

Problem Behavior  – Advice for dealing with challenging situations

Positive Diagnosis – Dealing with the news and next steps 

Online Therapy – Online treatment options can help 

Early Learning – 

Developmental Milestones – 

Behavior Therapy – 

Other Treatments – 

If You Suspect – 

Mental Health Counseling –  

About Behavior Therapy – 

Symptoms in Toddlers – 

Related Conditions –  

Symptoms in Infants – 

What is Autism – 

See All Toddler Tracks Videos

About Autism

Teach Your Child

Expert Advice

Personal Stories

FREE Personalized Milestone Tracker App

Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with a free app from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 

  • Personalize for one or multiple children
  • Track milestones with checklists
  • Videos show milestones examples
  • Tips for helping your child’s growth
  • What-to-do if you suspect autism
  • Progress report sharing and email  

CDC does not collect or share any personal information that can be used to identify you or your child.

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